Distributed Agile Teams

by belindatee on July 1, 2013

Most Agile teams which I have come across are no longer co-located. Often these teams are now faced with the challenge of how to manage a project delivery based on a large geographically distributed teams where work hours may not overlap between various locations. The following is a link to a 30 minute presentation of [...]


Executive Lunch – Visionary DevOps

by Sean Wilbur on May 20, 2013

Understanding the value of continuous delivery seems obvious but there is always some amount of resistance to change due to current process, compliance, politics, organizational barriers, and lack of executive sponsorship. The concept is straight forward and is easy to articulate the value of being able to deliver more often, but the current culture between [...]


Agile Planning webinar – 12 March 2013

March 12, 2013

Successfully running agile projects requires vision, strategic planning, and transparency to allow your project the ability to adapt to maximise business value. Please join us for an overview of agile planning in Rational Team Concert to support your agile ceremonies, release planning, sprint planning, and day to day activities to help your team and stakeholders [...]

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Outsource or Insource? Is there a third way?

September 28, 2012

We all know how society tends to swing from one view to the opposite, most obviously in the political sphere.  In the business world, the last fifteen or so years have seen a huge number of organisations outsource Information Technology projects in an effort to gain access to greater expertise, capacity or to lower labour [...]

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Agile is about the culture

September 20, 2012

I have attended a few industry conferences and sessions over the last few weeks which has highlighted to me that Agile is becoming mainstream not only within software development, but also with management and executives in the organisation. What does this mean and what impact has this had? It means that organisations going on the [...]

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Agile and Non Profit Organisations

August 1, 2012

As part of my IBM Corporate Services Corp assignment, our team of three IBM’ers are involved with assisting a non-profit and non-government organisation “Union Atameken”. Our role is to provide consultancy, recommendations and mentorship around the best way to grow their IT department to support their organisations mission and strategy. Union Atameken is an organisation [...]

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Counting down to Innovate 2012 – Melbourne and Sydney

July 12, 2012

Every year after our Innovate conference in Orlando we review the key trends and latest release information to emerge from collaborating with our global audience and build our own version of Innovate for our customers in Australia. This year a key theme emerged in the concept of the software supply chain – you can read [...]

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Innovate 2012

June 12, 2012

Today marks the return to work after my first Innovate conference. Whilst having attended a lot of IBM conferences before, I found that this one was particularly inspirational. Not just because of the keynote speakers (Jamie Clarke’s humourous stories on his Mt Everest adventures and Michio Kaku’s thought provoking look in to the future) but [...]

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Avoiding Low Value Program Management Offices

June 8, 2012

I was fortunate enough to meet Jon Tollerup from Decision Focus after his presentation on the third morning of Innovate 2012.  Jon has found that Program Management Offices (PMOs) too often get lost in a maze of spreadsheets and provide reports that add little value to the C-level decision making process, and as a result [...]

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Software Supply Chain: Built on Trust

June 6, 2012

At Innovate 2012 Day 2, the Software Supply Chain again came up, this time during a fascinating discussion between 4 IBM Fellows: Rod Smith, VP of Emerging Technologies, Martin Nally, CTO of Rational, David Lindquist, CTO of Tivoli and “Mr Innovation” Jerry Cuomo, CTO of WebSphere. The Software Supply Chain relies on collaboration, and point [...]

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